About V-Ex

Exhibitions, trade shows and conferences have always been a fantastic opportunity for companies to make new contacts, develop relationships and launch new products and services to the market. However, the disadvantage of these events are the high costs and relatively limited window of opportunity to secure an ROI. Even a small 3m x 3m stand can cost tens of thousands of pounds; and if an exhibition only lasts 3 days that puts a lot of pressure on a sales team to justify the initial outlay.

Up until now there hasn’t been a practical way of extending exhibitions and this has led to decline in exhibition sizes worldwide as companies have become more apprehensive about committing to the required costs. This is where V-Ex comes in. Rather than trying to replace live shows, the V-Ex platform is designed to breather new life into them. For small percentage of the cost of exhibiting, companies are able to extend the life of their stand beyond the show, reaching a far wider audience and generating traceable sales leads all year round.