Exhibition Stand FAQ’s

What is a virtual Exhibition stand?

A virtual exhibition stand is a visual representation of a real-life exhibition stand that uses software to animate the stand and allow visitors to view and search the stand online via their PC or mobile device. It contains written information, images, videos and downloads such as pdfs. It is designed to offer as close an experience as possible to visiting a live stand, including hearing from product experts talk about the products and services a company offers. Visitors can then make enquiries and get in-touch with the exhibitor company directly.

Can I use the designs for my existing stand?

Using the designs for an existing stand in order to create a virtual exhibition stand is a great idea; it cuts costs and development time, as well as providing visual continuity between your live events and your virtual online presence. Many exhibition stand design companies have 3D capability, in fact many use the technology to show you the design concepts of your stand. Even if you don’t have existing designs it is straight forward to design a new one from scratch.

How much does a virtual exhibition stand cost?

The cost of a virtual exhibition stand can vary: the lowest cost option is to take a basic shell scheme stand at an existing virtual show; this can cost less than €1,000 to book the space, create and populate the stand. As far as bespoke designs are concerned, the sky is the limit, but a sensible guide is about 20 percent of the total cost to design a stand and attend a live show.

Does a virtual exhibition stand look different on my PC, phone or iPad?

The V-Ex platform does use different technology to deliver the desktop PC experience and the mobile experience, and again for Apple products, you will see a different animation method used on these devices and while for the most part the experience is seamless whatever device you are using the V-Ex system does actively check the available bandwidth of your device and will not use some animation and film sequences when your device will not support them.

Do I have to use video on my virtual exhibition stand?

You do not have to use video in your virtual exhibition stand, but the platform is designed to support it and it makes a huge difference to the interactivity of your stand, so it is recommended. Any V-Ex customers can use the Maintainit.TV studios or mobile film crews to create video resources at a central location in the UK or anywhere in the world – this is an exclusive offer designed to add value to the stand while controlling costs.

What statistics can I get from the V-Ex platform?

The V-Ex platform employs a highly advanced ‘big data’ engine to record visitor traffic and interaction with your exhibition stand, the full stats package is a cost option on any stand, from the basic shell scheme right through to huge exhibition areas. We provide live stats as well as a historian so that you can track traffic and collect sales leads while boosting your SEO.

Does the V-Ex platform have a built-in CMS?

The V-Ex platform is controlled and populated via an advanced Content Management System (CMS) backed-up by the latest database technology. The CMS and the exhibitions and show venues are hosted on the cloud providing global availability and maximum redundancy for guaranteed up-time. Users can login and amend the majority of the content on their exhibition stand on-the-fly, this includes: logos, text, images, videos and downloads.

Is a virtual exhibition stand good for SEO?

Yes, very much so; search engines such as Google look for a range of attributes to a website in order to rate it as a good match to a user’s search term. A V-Ex stand combines written text, images, videos and pdfs with a well produced web structure that is transparent to search engines and therefore performs extremely well in terms of search engine optimisation. They are so effective that some companies are using V-Ex sites purely for SEO and to drive social media channels.

Does the system support multiple languages?

Yes, the V-Ex platform has been designed as a fully multi-language compatible system, from Chinese to Czech and virtually any language in-between we can accommodate your preferred language. The sites can be set to adjust automatically to the language of your keyboard, or offer a language selection tab. All multi-language sites have a default language setting so that you can start in a preferred language too.

Exhibition Venue FAQ’s

What is a virtual exhibition venue?

A virtual exhibition venue is an entire exhibition venue comprising of one or many exhibition halls, all designed using the same visualisation tools used by commercial architects to design new buildings. The difference is that, once rendered a virtual exhibition venue can be made live via the internet and populated with exhibition stands, from basic shell schemes right through to high impact bespoke stands. A visitor can explore the virtual exhibition in a similar way to visiting a real show and also order the same pens, mugs and caps that they might collect from a alive show.

How do I promote a virtual show?

V-Ex recommends using the virtual show to support a live event, bridging the gap between live events, providing exhibitors with an always ‘on’ exhibition venue that can be used to retain participation during the year and allow preregistered visitors that could not make it in the day to visit whenever t suits them. All driving increased footfall to the next event. We provide the platform, CMS, technical support and a raft of marketing materials and research to back-up your commercial and practical decisions on how to successfully deliver the show.

How much does a virtual exhibition cost?

There is a fixed cost structure for renting halls at V-Ex’s virtual venue, but equally you can design your own venue or we can design it for you, we have a qualified Architect, plus 3D CAD experts and designers on the team who are all available to help you realise you vision for a virtual venue. We also have the experience to provide guidance on what works and what doesn’t, so you can deliver your project running smoothly and profitably, and above all on-time.

Who do I contact to discuss building a virtual exhibition?

Contact us for a free consultation visit to assess the viability of taking your show into the virtual world and transforming the experience and value you can deliver to your customers and visitors alike.

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